Burress Van Horn

born 1828-1833 in Berks Pa.

Married Mary Ann Martin ( born 1831-1833) April 17 1850 in Muskingum, Oh

Died Aft June 15 1880 and Burried in Washington, Daviess, In.


May have served in the 95th Ohio Infrantry, Volunteers,Company "F", Union Army,from Aug 2 1862 to May 11 1865 under the name of Burross,Burros,or Burris Vanhorn.. He was taken prisoner at the battle of Guntown/Prices Cross Roads, Mississippi on June 10 1864. Was P.O.W. at Andersonville, Georgia.Possibly released at Vickburg, Mississippi in April 1865. Survived the "Str. Sultana" explosion, April 27, 1865. Discharged on May 20, 1865.


John Drake; March 10, 1852; Ohio

Jack Thornley; 1855; Ohio

William D.; Feburary, 1858; Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio

Elnora (Ella); September 1860; Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio

Frances (Frank); December 1862; Ohio

Edward; 1866; Ohio;

Based on the 1850 Muskingum County Census, Falls Township, Ohio:

Family lived adjacent to Arthur VanHorne.

The land (53 acres) that Burress and Mary Ann lived on, in Falls township,was co-owned by William F. Shiplett, who was married to Lucy Martin (Mary Ann's Sister) in Nov. 1836, and George C. Shiplett, who was married to Emma Martin, also Mary Ann's sister, in Feb. 1865.

This land was sold in 1866 to Joseph Martin, Mary Ann's brother. He married Samantha VanHorne, Arthur VanHorne's daughter, in Dec 1866

The 1860 Census shows a different spelling of Burress as Burross