I have listed here,at the left, the line of Vanhorns that I am in. Burress's children had scattered accross the central US, as far west as Denver. I have very little information on them, with the exception of John DrakeVan Horn.

I would appreciate any information that you might have concerning any of these people.

You can see more specific information by selecting the underlined name. It will take you to another page with what I know about that individual. Please use the "Back" arrow, on your browser, to bring you back to this page.

Van Horn Tree

A page dedicated to the historical lineage of one of many genealogical lines of Van Horns. This particular path passed through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. This does not mean that we will not support any other searches of different lines. I find it totally fascinating that so many families, with the same surname, have started in the same place and followed more or less the same path on their way to seek out "The American Dream".

Please feel free to use this site to further your knowledge and help others trace their Van Horn roots.

Jim Van Horn


Arthur Van Horne***

          Lydia Feathersby

                       Hester L

                       Mary E.






Burress Van Horn ***also known as Burris, Bouroughs or Burrows Van Horn

Mary Ann Martin

John Drake Van Horn

Thornley Van Horn

William D. Van Horn

Frank Van Horn

Elnora (Ella) Van Horn

Edward Van Horn

John Drake Van Horn

Sara Elizabeth Ellis

James Burris

Charles Edgar

Mary Ethel

Fred Ellis

Jenny Hazel (Jane)

Helen Marr

Austin Elbert

James Burris Van Horn

Ora Catherine Herman

John Herman

John Herman Van Horn

Rebecca Powell Dellinger

John Michael (Mike) Van Horn

James Robert Van Horn

Thomas Steven Van Horn

William Martin Van Horn

John Michael Van Horn

Pamela Jill Slater  (divorced)

Elizebeth Ann McCabe

Rebecca Elizabeth Van Horn

James Robert Van Horn

Nancy Anne Hackett    (divorced)

Lee Michael Van Horn

Emma Lee Huskisson    (divorced)

Robert Wesley Van Horn

       Brianna (Burkeen) Van Horn
                Dean San Souci ( Son of Brianna )

Martin Gregg Van Horn

Tammy May Kindle (Divorced )

Nichole Marie Van Horn Rodriguez

     Justin Rodriguez

          Ivan Alexander Rodiguez

 Stephen William Van Horn

Linda Lea Rowland    (divorced)

Shirley Ann (Mechlin) Van Horn

Thomas Steven Van Horn

Collen Brook Gerety    (divorced)

Thomas Kehl Van Horn

William Martin Van Horn