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Photos, Collage,Oils/Acrilics,writing, and Pottery



Who we are;

   This page is an entry point into the artwork of the VanHorns, Jim, Tom and William. We are all currently living in Northwestern Arkansas. The works you will view here are all original works and are shown on individual web sites. There is a large variety of media and venues for you to enjoy.

   Jim has been doing photography for many years. His most recent collection,"Reflections" has proven to be an interesting set of Photos. They have sold to a variety of interested buyers.

     Tom's works are quite varied. He spans the realm of collage, oils, acrylics, sculpture and writings. All I can say is that once you have visited his website, you will be duely impressed.

   William is, in my opinion, the most abstract artist in our family. His work spans a large selection of media, to include 3D, Photographics, as well as traditional oils, acrylics and watercolors. Unfortunately, he has shut down his website.


   Where we came from

    This will link you to the Van Horn Geneology pages. We have managed to trace our roots as far back as the mid 1800s, in Pennsylvania.
As I say in the following pages, if you find any other connections to our family, please email me. I also hope that our visitors might be able to use this information to further their searches.

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